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Lids For Bowls

Lids For Bowls

The range of bowl lids are designed to fit many different styles of china and plastic insulated bowls. The lids retain food temperature longer and can be used in cook-chill systems. They are able to withstand temperatures from 3° to 140°C, making them durable as well as microwave and dishwasher safe.

The following types of lids are available:

  • Drop-in lid for S.A.Diversified Products 300ml and 200ml plastic bowls.
  • Raised lids for S.A.Diversified Products 200ml plastic bowls.
  • Flat lid for 115mm stack Floreat China Bowl.
  • Flat lid for 300ml and 460ml Insulated Plastic Bowls.
  • Raised lid in high and low profile for Insulated Plastic Bowls and China Bowls.
  • Drop-in lid for Churchill 400ml Bowl.

The lids are re-usable, allowing for reduced waste and long-term cost savings. All lids are recyclable. So why not call now for a sample? A range of raised and drop-in lids are available to suit.

So why not contact us for a sample?