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Plate Covers

Plate Covers

The standard clear polycarbonate round plate covers come in three sizes: 230mm, 205mm and 160mm. The low profile of the covers allows them to fit food carts and trolleys for cookfresh and cook-chill systems. The covers are capable to be used in dishwashers and are microwave safe.

  • Polycarbonate temperature range 3° to 140°C, durable, good life-cycle

Note: If used in the hot side of cook-chill systems, clear polycarbonate material will have its resistance to edible fats and steam greatly reduced, shortening its life and clarity.

The 230mm and 205mm are also available in a variety of other materials, allowing flexibility of use.

  • High temperature range 3° to 160°C, extremely durable, superior life-cycle, available in bone and amber colours only.
  • Moderate temperature range 3° to 140°C, durable, good life-cycle.
  • All covers are recyclable.

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